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People's Daily (Edition 01, October 23, 2023)


  新华社北京10月22日电  中共中央党史和文献研究院编辑的《世界杯买球app》一书,近日由中央文献出版社出版,在全国发行。

  A strong grassroots is a strong country, and a secure grassroots is a secure world。Since the 18th National Congress of the Party,以习近平同志为核心的党中央站在巩固党的执政基础和维护国家政权安全的高度,We will uphold and strengthen the Party's leadership over community-level governance,To serve and benefit the people as the starting point and goal,We will uphold systematic, law-based, comprehensive, and source governance,We will strengthen the capacity building of government governance at the community level,We will build a pattern of community-level urban and rural governance featuring joint contribution, joint governance and shared benefits,Energize the community,Community empowerment,A good situation has been formed in which the people live and work happily and the society is stable and orderly。习近平同志围绕基层治理发表的一系列重要论述,Have a lofty intention,Rich connotation,Profound thinking,It is necessary to continuously improve the urban and rural grass-roots governance system that combines autonomy, rule of law and rule by virtue under the leadership of Party organizations,We will modernize the system and capacity for community-level governance,We will build a community of social governance in which everyone has responsibilities, responsibilities and benefits,It is of great significance。

  《世界杯365买球》分7个专题,共计216段论述,摘自习近平同志2012年11月15日至2023年9月21日期间的报告、讲话、说明、贺信、回信、指示等130篇重要文献。Some of these statements are being published for the first time。


From: People's Daily, October 23, 2023


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