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The Party School of the Municipal Committee held a special guidance report on intellectual property protection in the new era

        On October 10, the Party School of the CPC Municipal Committee invited Huang Ying, professor of the Law Teaching and Research Department of the Party School of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee, to make a special guidance report entitled "Intellectual Property Protection in the New Era" for the students of the main class。


        Professor Huang Ying made a wonderful and detailed interpretation from three aspects: the significance of intellectual property, history and current situation, and strengthening the operation and management of intellectual property creation and protection。讲授过程中,黄英教授着重对党的二十大报告及习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想中涉及知识产权方面的内容进行了详细阐述,增强了各位学员对知识产权的认知及重视。Everyone said,By listening to coaching presentations,It is more recognized that strengthening the legal protection of intellectual property rights is a basic system to support comprehensive innovation,It is to mobilize talents from all sides to create initiatives,The necessary way to promote the optimal allocation of social resources,It is also an important starting point for Liaoyang to achieve a breakthrough in the first battle of the three-year comprehensive revitalization campaign。

        The Municipal Party School in the autumn semester of 2023 county-level leading cadres training class, section-level young and middle-aged cadres training class, section-level female cadres training class, and party and government leading cadres intellectual property special training class a total of 240 people participated in the counseling training。


Writer: Wang Junyao


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