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The Party School of the Municipal Committee held the opening ceremony of the autumn semester of 2023

9月4日The Municipal Party School held the opening ceremony for the autumn semester of 2023。Xiao Chao, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee, Minister of the Organization Department and president of the Party School of the Municipal Committee attended and made a mobilization speech。


Xiao Chao pointed out that it is necessary to practice regularly on political integrity and loyalty to the party, resolutely shoulder political responsibility, consciously enhance political ability, always strictly observe political discipline, and be a "political understanding person".。It is necessary to act boldly and be good at acting, understand the central spirit, grasp the pulse of The Times, constantly emancipate the mind, insist on daring to try, maintain the passion for doing things, and insist on working hard。We must not give up an inch in adhering to principles and daring to struggle, and carry forward the indomitable spirit of struggle and enhance our ability to fight hard in the new breakthrough three-year campaign to comprehensively revitalize the country。It is necessary to persevere in the exercise of style and seek truth from facts, solve problems in the pursuit of the truth, adhere to the right path in the pursuit of political achievements, practice the original intention in serving the masses, and make greater contributions to promoting new breakthroughs in the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoyang。

The Party School of the Municipal Committee also carried out special education on strengthening the training management of students, improving the quality of the school and strictly managing the school。

Municipal Party school autumn semester county-level leading cadres training class, section-level young and middle-aged cadres training class, civil service training class233People attend the opening ceremony。


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