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Study theory, strong practice, and strive to improve the party's ability to educate talents and offer suggestions for the party

-- Summary of teacher training courses in the city's Party school system


为全面贯彻习近平总书记在中央党校建校90The spirit of the important speech at the anniversary celebration conference to further improve the level of teachers' classroom teaching and scientific research,73日至7日,市委党校举办了全市党校系统深入学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想暨世界杯买球app能力提升师资培训班。The city's party school system full-time teachers, theory preaching and teaching management backbone50People participated in the training。

The training was conducted in two phases。In the first stage, we listened to the special guidance of Fan Xiaoguang, director of the Educational Affairs of the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee, Qin Gang, professor of the Party School of the Central Committee, and Xing Weijun, editorial director and professor of the Party and Government Cadres Journal of the Party and Government School of the Provincial Party Committee, and conducted discussions and exchanges。


73Sunday morning,范晓光处长围绕“学习贯彻习近平总书记在中央党校建校90Anniversary celebration cum2023The spirit of the important speech at the opening ceremony of the spring semester of the year, to do a good job of preaching and teaching in the new era ", made a thematic interpretation for teachers, and clarified the core tasks of the Party school and the focus and direction of teaching work。




74On the morning of the same day, Professor Xing Weijun taught "Theoretical article writing and decision consulting project application" in combination with the practical work, which benefited everyone。


74On the afternoon of the day, in combination with the learning experience of the first stage, we had a heated discussion around the theme of "Practicing the original intention of the Party school and promoting the integration of teaching and research". By sharing the learning harvest, we further deepened our understanding of the importance of the integration of teaching and research and consulting, and also clarified the direction of future efforts。

In the second stage of the training, we observed the excellent courses of Fuxin Municipal Party School and the "Zhangwu Sand Control Spirit" series courses of Zhangwu Sand Control School。


75Day, we came to Fuxin Municipal Party school teaching observation。


Xing Yuhua, associate professor and director of the theoretical Research Office of the Party School of the Fuxin Municipal Committee, presented a fine course of "Strengthening and innovating grassroots governance and promoting the modernization of grassroots social governance in Fuxin"。In the course of teaching, Xing Yuhua not only showed a deep theoretical foundation and the ability to research problems and solve problems, but also showed a classic Party school curriculum for everyone。


76日至7On the same day, we came to Fuxin Changwu Zhisha School for teaching observation。


76Sunday morning,You watched the documentary "Chang Wu Zhi Sha".,Listen to teacher Liu Qi taught "carry forward the spirit of Zhangwu sand control and build a strong ecological security barrier - from the royal ranch to the ecological Zhangwu" counseling course,Revisited the arduous course of the old generation of sand control people such as Liu Bin,Felt and learned the spirit of Zhangwu's sand control,At the same time, I also realized that the combination of video and thematic teaching has a strong deepening and consolidating effect on students' understanding and grasp of teaching content。


         76In the afternoon, Mr. Liu Qingfeng's "Exploring the True North: Liu Bin's Leadership" course, with a unique perspective, exquisite course design, and active classroom atmosphere, made everyone fresh and fresh, and understood the charm of leadership science in the laughter and laughter。


76On the evening of Sunday, a unique passionate Party class, in the form of storytelling, poetry recitals, allegro, singing, sand painting and other forms, warmly eulogized generations of sand control people for decades to stick to the front line of sand control and forest protection, and finally made green into sand retreat, desert into oasis, and built an ecological security barrier。


         77On the morning of the day, in the field teaching of "Fixing sand with grass - Building the closest grassland to the sea", we visited the Zhangwu Grassland ecological restoration demonstration area and ten thousand mu of pine forest. They were intoxicated by the green scenery in front of them, and they sighed that today's sand control results are hard-won and should be cherished and cared for。


77Sunday morning,In the "Green Zhanggu Tai,White boy head "in the field of teaching,Two teachers of the sand control school, Wang Hao and Liu Yunyao, gave a micro-party lesson in the form of performance under the watchtower "Take on the role of daring to struggle - the inspiration of Comrade Liu Bin and Zhang Zisong's 'Six questions and six Answers'",It reproduces Liu Bin's heroic ambition and firm will to move forward bravely。In the exhibition hall of desertification prevention and control in Liaoning Province,We listened to the explanation of Liu Binzhong's granddaughter Liu Ying,When I heard that four generations of Liu Bin's family were sticking to the line of sand control,They were all in awe,Deeply realized that promoting the spirit of sand control is not only the responsibility of the sand control personnel,It is the responsibility of each of us,In the process of ecological civilization construction in the new era,We must vigorously promote the spirit of military excellence and sand control,It will make more contributions to China's ecological security through practical actions。


        It is agreed that,The training is rich in content,Various forms,Highly targeted,Not only learned knowledge, received education,And very inspired,Reap a great benefit,Especially through teaching observation,We experienced the new teaching methods and teaching organization,It is of great benefit to us to develop new teaching models such as interactive and on-site teaching。Everyone has said that it is necessary to combine the harvest obtained in this training with the development of teaching topics and specific lessons, and combine the integration of teaching, research, administration and government construction, seriously digest and absorb, truly make use of what you learn, and strive to improve the Party's ability to educate talents and offer suggestions for the Party,Effectively improve the quality of teaching, and contribute wisdom to the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoyang new breakthrough three-year action。


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