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The Party school of the Municipal Party Committee organized "Welcome July 1, keep the original heart, take the mission" organ community Party branch joint construction activities

在中国共产党成立102周年前夕,For the solid and in-depth development of institutional community party organizations pair construction work,Highlight the guidance of party building,Strengthen theoretical armament,Maintain close ties with the grassroots,We will encourage party organizations in government agencies and communities to learn from each other and make common progress,6月29日,The second, fourth and sixth Party branches of the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee and the Jinfu Community Party branch jointly carried out the "Party building leading cohesion.,Forge ahead hand in hand to promote revitalization - Welcome July 1,Remain true to one's original heart,Shoulder the mission "organization community Party branch association and co-construction activities,Join hands to celebrate the party's birthday,Further educate and guide Party members to feel the Party's kindness, listen to the Party's words, and follow the Party。


Event in progress,Everyone renewed their vows to join the party,Carefully listened to the Municipal Party School Party history Party building teaching and research department director Shi Zhengwei entitled "Keep the original heart, take the mission.,In-depth implementation of the Party's twenty Major Spirit "thematic party lessons,Further study and grasp the Party's twenty great spirit,Draw the spirit of pioneering and forging ahead from the report of the Party's 20th National Congress,A deep understanding of the decisive significance of "two establishment",Further enhance the "Four consciousness", firmly "four self-confidence", and achieve "two maintenance"。


All party members also visited the historical and cultural block of Baita District, watched the Liaoyang Cultural Hall of Fame, intangible cultural heritage exhibition, etc., and deeply felt the thick history and the talent of the hometown。Everyone said that we must effectively enhance the consciousness of party members, carry forward the great spirit of building the Party, integrate the study and implementation of the Party's 20 spirit into practical work, and make greater contributions to the realization of the new breakthrough three-year action for the comprehensive revitalization of Liaoyang。



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