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Good news: The party building and group work of the Party school of Liaoyang Municipal Committee won the award again

In 2022, under the careful guidance of the municipal government working Committee, under the high attention of the school committee, through the joint efforts of the whole school staff, the party building and group work has achieved remarkable results, and our school has won the title of advanced collective, and two comrades have won the title of advanced individual。

First, advanced collective

City to safeguard the rights and interests of women and children advanced collective: Liaoyang Municipal Party School

Two, advanced individuals

1.May 1 Labor Medal of Liaoyang City: Zhang Wali

2.Liaoyang City women's achievements model: Wang Junyao

3.Excellent Communist Youth League cadres in Liaoyang City: Wang Junyao

The achievement of these honors is not only a reward for the hard work of the two comrades, but also a full affirmation of the party building and group work of our school。The Party School of the Municipal Committee will take this opportunity to turn honor into work motivation and further enhance itThe "Four senses"Firm "four self-confidence", achieve "two maintenance",Give full play to the leading role of party building,Constantly innovate the forms of party building and mass work,Fully stimulate the enthusiasm of Party members and cadres in their work,Achieve deep integration and innovative development of party building and business work,Strive to create a positive, pragmatic and responsible campus atmosphere,To make greater contributions to the Party school for the new breakthrough three-year action of Liaoyang's comprehensive revitalization。


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