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The Central Office issued the Work Plan on Promoting Investigation and Research in the Whole Party

新华社北京3月19日电  近日,中共中央办公厅印发了《世界杯买球app》,并发出通知,要求各地区各部门结合实际认真贯彻落实。

  The full text of the Work Plan on Promoting Investigation and Research throughout the Party is as follows。

  为深入学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,We will fully implement the guiding principles of the Party's 20th National Congress,党中央决定,Conduct surveys and studies throughout the Party,作为在全党开展的主题教育的重要内容,推动全面建设社会主义现代化国家开好局起好步。The following work programme is hereby formulated。

  I. Significance

  Investigation and research are our party's heirloom。Since the 18th National Congress of the Party,以习近平同志为核心的党中央高度重视调查研究工作,习近平总书记强调指出,Investigation is the foundation of planning and the way to accomplish things,No investigation, no say,Without investigation, there is no decision-making power;Research is essential to making good decisions,Proper implementation also depends on investigation and research;Investigation is the fountain of real insight,It is the basic skill of doing a good job;The spirit of investigation and research must be encouraged throughout the Party。习近平总书记这些重要指示,深刻阐明了调查研究的极端重要性,为全党大兴调查研究、做好各项工作提供了根本遵循。

  At present, China is facing new strategic opportunities, new strategic tasks, new strategic stages, new strategic requirements and new strategic environment for its development。The world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century,Uncertainties and unpredictable factors are on the rise,Domestic reform, development and stability face many deep-seated problems that cannot be avoided or overcome,Various risks, challenges and difficult issues have become more severe and complex than ever before,It is urgent to grasp the essence and law of things through investigation and research,Find ways and paths to solve problems。Conduct surveys and studies throughout the Party,是深入学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想、感悟这一重要思想的真理力量和实践伟力的必然要求,It is the concrete practice of deeply understanding the decisive significance of "two establishment" and resolutely achieving "two maintenance",It is a powerful measure to cope with the tests of wind and waves on the road to a new era and a new journey and promote Chinese-style modernization,Is always to maintain a clear and firm solution to the big party's unique problems, answer the "six how always" realistic need,It is an effective way to change the style of work, keep close contact with the masses, improve the ability to perform duties, and strengthen the responsibility。

  Second, general requirements

  Conduct surveys and studies throughout the Party,要坚持以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,We will fully implement the guiding principles of the Party's 20th National Congress,Closely focus on the Party's theory, line, principles and policies, the implementation of the Central Committee's major decisions and deployments,We will vigorously promote the Party's glorious traditions and fine work style,Highlight problem-oriented and goal-oriented,We will encourage Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, to take the lead in conducting in-depth investigations and studies,Constantly deepen the understanding and grasp of the Party's innovation theory,Be good at using the Party's innovation theory to study new situations, solve new problems, sum up new experience, and explore new laws,Throw down the body to do practical work, and seek practical results,Integrate research work closely with the work and decision-making needs of the Centre,Better serve scientific decision-making,To improve the party's governing ability and leadership level,To complete the mission of the new era and new journey。

  Conduct surveys and studies throughout the Party,We must adhere to the Party's mass line,From the masses, to the masses,To enhance the relationship with the people,Sincerely listen to the voices of the people, truly reflect the aspirations of the people, and sincerely care about the sufferings of the people,Consciously learn from the masses and learn from practice,Get a correct understanding from the creative practice of the people,Turn the Party's correct propositions into conscious actions of the masses。We must insist on seeking truth from facts, adhere to the principle of the Party spirit, all from reality, theory with reality, listen to the truth, investigate the truth, adhere to the truth, correct mistakes, there is one is one, there are two, both good news and bad news, not only books, not only on the ground, only on the ground。We must adhere to the problem orientation, enhance the awareness of problems, dare to face up to the problem, be good at finding problems, take solving problems as the fundamental purpose, truly understand the situation, identify the problem, put forward countermeasures, and constantly put forward new ideas and new ways to truly solve the problem。We must persevere in overcoming difficulties, carry forward the spirit of struggle, strengthen our ability to fight, have the courage to wade through dangerous waters and solve difficult problems, advance in spite of difficulties and meet them head-on, and translate the results of investigations and research into real results in advancing our work and overcoming difficulties。We must adhere to the systematic concept, go deep into reality, go deep into the community, and go deep into public surveys to understand the situation, grasp the relationship between the overall situation and the local situation, the current situation and the long-term situation, the macro situation and the micro situation, the major contradiction and the minor contradiction, and the special and general problems, and think forward, plan for the overall situation, and advance all undertakings of the Party and the State in a holistic manner。

  Iii. Research content

  In the whole Party to promote investigation and research, we must closely focus on the full implementation of the Party's 20 spirit, promote high-quality development, go straight to the problem, the implementation of the problem sorting out, the problem investigation, and strive to get through the implementation of the blockage of the point of difficulty。Party committees (Party groups) at all levels shall base themselves on their functions and responsibilities,Focus on strategic research related to the overall situation, countermeasure research to solve complex problems, forward-looking research in the new era and new circumstances, follow-up research on major work projects, anatomical research on typical cases, and supervision research to promote implementation,Highlight key points and hit the key points,Determine the research content according to the actual situation。There are mainly 12 aspects。


  2.Major issues in implementing the new development concept, building a new development pattern, and promoting high-quality development,We will promote self-reliance in high-level science and technology,Expand domestic demand, deepen supply-side structural reform, build a modern industrial system, implement the "two unswervingly", and attract and utilize foreign investment,The main situation and key issues in comprehensively promoting rural revitalization。

  3.We will balance development and security, ensure the safety of food, energy, industrial and supply chains, production, food and drugs, and public health, and guard against and resolve major economic and financial risks。

  4.Major issues in comprehensively deepening reform and opening up, key areas and key links in reform, promoting high-level opening up in the main situation and key issues。

  5.Major issues in comprehensively governing the country according to the law, and major situations and key issues such as improving the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, promoting law-based administration, strictly and fairly administering the judiciary, and building a society under the rule of law。

  6.The challenges facing the ideological field, the main situation and key issues in promoting cultural self-confidence and self-improvement, building a strong socialist culture, news and public opinion guidance, and comprehensive management of the Internet。

  7.We will consolidate and expand the achievements made in poverty alleviation and narrow the development gap between urban and rural areas and between regions and the gap in income distribution。

  8.The people are most concerned about the most direct and realistic issues of interest, especially the specific problems of employment, education, medical care, childcare, elderly care, housing and other urgent and pressing concerns of the people。

  9.Firmly establish and practice the gap and deficiency in the concept of clear water and green mountains is gold and silver mountains, and promote the construction of a beautiful China, protect the ecological environment and maintain ecological security。

  10.Major problems in maintaining social stability, weak points in preventing, reducing and relieving disasters, and ensuring the handling of major public emergencies, dealing with contradictions among the people in the new situation, and strengthening the overall prevention and control of public security。

  11.Major issues in comprehensively and strictly governing the Party,To implement the weakening of the Party's leadership, the dilution of the party's political and organizational functions are not strong enough,Do not have enough spirit, do not take responsibility and do nothing,The ability to respond to "black swan" and "gray rhino" incidents and prevent and defuse risks is not strong,Formalism, bureaucracy,The key issues of privilege thought and privilege behavior。

  12.Long-standing unsolved problems of the local departments and units。

  4. Methods and steps

  The survey and research in the whole party are divided into six steps。

  (1) Raising awareness。Party committees (Party groups) at all levels should study and read through the theoretical learning center group,组织党员、干部深入学习领会习近平总书记关于调查研究的重要论述,学习习近平总书记关于本地区本部门本领域的重要讲话和重要指示批示精神,Inherit and carry forward the fine style of in-depth investigation and research of the older generation of revolutionaries,Strengthen the ideological consciousness, political consciousness, and action consciousness of investigation and research。

  (2) Formulating plans。Party committees (Party groups) at all levels should focus on the research content, in combination with the actual conditions of the local departments and units, extensively listen to the opinions of all parties, study and formulate specific plans for the investigation and research, clarify the research project topics, methods and work requirements, and make overall arrangements and reasonably determine the time, place and personnel for the investigation。The main responsible comrade of the Party Committee (Party group) shall personally preside over the formulation of the plan。

  3. Conducting research。Each member of the leadership team at or above the county level will lead a project to carry out research, and at the same time, conduct special research on the most prominent difficult problems in relevant fields or work。We should adhere to local conditions, make comprehensive use of panel interviews, random interviews, questionnaires, expert surveys, sample surveys, statistical analysis and other methods, and make full use of the Internet, big data and other modern information technologies to conduct research and make it more scientific and effective。It is necessary to go deep into rural areas, communities, enterprises, hospitals, schools, new economic organizations, new social organizations and other grass-roots units to grasp the facts, feel the pulse, ask the masses, and ask the practice。To change the role, into the masses, to understand the troubles of the masses to worry about things, to find and find the gap in the work。It is necessary to combine typical cases, analyze problems, analyze reasons, and take improvement measures。It is necessary to strengthen supervision and research to check whether the work is really implemented and whether the problem is really solved。

  4. Deepen research。全面梳理汇总调研情况,运用习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想的世界观、方法论和贯穿其中的立场观点方法,进行深入分析、充分论证和科学决策。In particular, we need to conduct thorough studies on problems of universal and institutional nature, deep-seated key issues related to reform, development and stability, and intractable problems and deep-rooted problems。On this basis, the leadership team exchanges research, studies countermeasures, forms ideas and policy measures to solve problems and promote work, and ensures that each problem has a pragmatic and effective solution。

  (5) Solving problems。For the problems reflected and found in the research, the problem list, responsibility list and task list are sorted out one by one, and the solution measures, responsible units, responsible persons and completion time limit are listed one by one。For those that can be solved in the short term, we shall implement reforms and do so immediately。For those that are difficult to solve and need to be continuously promoted, we should clarify our goals, focus on them closely, and grasp them to the end, so that we will never relax our efforts and never let go until the problems are solved。

  (6) Return visits by inspectors。Party committees (party groups) at all levels shall establish a list of the transformation and application of research results, and strengthen the supervision, supervision and follow-up of the completion of research topics and the solution of problems;Leading cadres should regularly return visits to research objects and problems, and pay attention to discovering and solving new problems。

  5. Job requirements

  1. Strengthen organizational leadership。Party committees (Party groups) at all levels should attach great importance to the investigation and research work, make special arrangements, and scientifically and accurately do a good job in all aspects of program design, process implementation, supervision and efficiency。The Party Committee (Party group) is mainly responsible for the overall responsibility of the comrades, do a good job in the region, the department and the unit of the investigation and implementation;The other members of the team should take their respective responsibilities and do a good job in the investigation and research of their respective areas and units。Leading cadres should take the lead in carrying out investigations and research, improve research methods, and set examples。

  2. Strict work discipline。The investigation and research should strictly implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee and the rules for their implementation, be light and simple, practice strict economy, and do not engage in layers of escorts。It is necessary to adopt the "four not two straight" approach, and carry out research in as many places and units as there are difficulties, public opinions are concentrated, and work cannot be started, so as to prevent research that discriminated against the poor and favored the rich。It is necessary to strengthen the coordination of research, avoid cluster research, multiple research and repeated research, and do not increase the burden of grassroots。We must refrain from formalism and bureaucracy, refrain from conducting show-doing, bonsai or skim-cutting research, and avoid going through the motions and not going deep。It is necessary to deepen research on the basis of investigation to prevent more investigation and less research, more situation and less analysis, and put forward countermeasures and suggestions that do not solve practical problems。Those who violate the requirements of work style construction and the provisions on honesty and self-discipline shall be held seriously accountable in accordance with the regulations。

  3. Making coordinated progress。For problems that are manifested at the grass-roots level and are rooted in the above, and for problems involving multiple regions or departments and units, the upper and lower levels will coordinate and promote the solution of the problem as a whole。We will make overall plans for the current and long-term, find and summarize effective practices and successful experiences in investigation and research, improve the long-term mechanism of investigation and research, and make investigation and research a regular part of the work of Party members and cadres, and become a common trend in the whole Party and produce effective results。

  4. Intensify publicity。Make full use of party newspapers, party magazines, TV stations, radio stations, network communication platforms, etc,Adopt various forms and means of publicity,Vigorously publicize the significance of Daxing investigation and research and the specific measures and practical results of Daxing investigation and research in various regions and departments and units,Gather the consensus and strength of investigation and research,Create a strong atmosphere。

  From: "People's Daily" 2023320



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